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Google Web Toolkit

October 22, 2007

I’m evaluating Google Web Toolkit for use in a work project.

For those of you not in the know, this toolkit allows you to code
web-based apps in Java (or at least a subset of it), then generate
the Javascript etc. required for hosting and voila… bootiful AJAX-like
websites in a jiffy.

Now why this gets me wet is not because of Java, but because of
NO PHP! Wheeee! But mostly because it gives me an excuse to try
out Java at work 😉 No; it is because of NO PHP!!! Oh; said that
already. Right…

A cool feature of the toolkit is the ability to code your little app/website,then ‘serve’ it (or ‘host’ it as GWT calls it) in a little browser thingy suppliedwith the toolkit. This allows you to make changes to your Java code, hit refresh in the hosted page and see the changes immediately. In short; we are talking very rapid development here, coupled with the powerful debugging capabilities of the Java / Eclipse combination (or so I’m told).

Will keep you posted of any major dramas etc.

Other than that; I’m in serious need of a big stomp (that means ‘trance party’ for those not in the know).



Intro and all that crap

October 18, 2007

I’ve relocated my blog after experiencing some irritations with the previous host.

So here I am. Let me duplicate the last post on my previous blog. It is important, because it will tell you a lot about what makes me tick. So, without further delay:

I choose:
Freedom over oppression
Tolerance over prejudice
Life over afterlife
Knowledge over faith

Ok; there you have it. I’ve decided to toast my previous blog instead of importing it. Why? Because I’m a lazy Infidel Peeg.