Intro and all that crap

I’ve relocated my blog after experiencing some irritations with the previous host.

So here I am. Let me duplicate the last post on my previous blog. It is important, because it will tell you a lot about what makes me tick. So, without further delay:

I choose:
Freedom over oppression
Tolerance over prejudice
Life over afterlife
Knowledge over faith

Ok; there you have it. I’ve decided to toast my previous blog instead of importing it. Why? Because I’m a lazy Infidel Peeg.



5 Responses to “Intro and all that crap”

  1. Charl Botha Says:

    hehehehe het my nagging ‘n rol gespeel? wordpress is banja cool, hoop jy geniet dit.

  2. Charl Botha Says:

    O ja, jou nuwe blog is ook in my aggregator.

  3. adtrsa Says:

    Hahahaha. Ja; ek het WordPress gejoin om jou stil te maak 😉
    Sal my ander blog aanhou in geval hierrie plek my ook begin irriteer…
    cp, CP!

  4. Microscopic Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Microscopic.

  5. adtrsa Says:

    @Microscopic What point is it you miss? The point of the post or the point of the site? The point of the post was to show you and the millions of readers out there (I wish) what I find important and how I think about things.

    For example; when I say I choose knowledge over faith it means I place much higher value in substantiated or proven facts than believing some fantasy story using (blind) faith. This of course is one of the factors that made me into the unbeliever I am today :D.

    Same goes for the life over afterlife point… i believe (could that be a statement of faith? :D) in living this life right here and right now and not wait for some imaginary afterlife.

    Freedom over oppression -> I think all people should be able to live their lives without another holding power / sway over them. Ie. no war; no occupation, no slave labour. The ability to express your thoughts and ideas freely. Freedom of movement etc. etc.

    Tolerance over prejudice -> This simply states that I think people should be more tolerant of people who are different from them… basically accept that people differ and that people will have different opinions / beliefs to your own and just deal with it! Just look at the political / religious violence of the past year or so (think muslim cartoon debacle) and you should understand this better 😀 People who are intolerant and definitely prejudiced to the extreme…

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