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Current irritations… and delights

November 20, 2007

I’m in random rambling mode; so please bear with me. Probably just talking to myself, but it feels nice anyway.

Here’s a list of the things currently irritating the crap out of me (I shit you not; it is all out of me):

– My inability to narrow down the selection of properties I’m looking at buying. I’ve drawn up a little pairwise forced decision thingy for choosing between a number of alternatives… but doink me if I actually get round to scoring the alternatives. Procrastination, I be thy bitch.

– The fact that I’m in an income bracket which results in a house bond which is 100K shy of a really nice property. Then again; I am a first-time buyer so I guess one would be lucky to get your ideal place first time. Hell; at least I have options. And I actualy enjoy my work again… so scratch that irritation.

– The fact that Windows Explorer still has a friggen FLOPPY DISK (A:\) icon which, if accidently fingered, makes your whole PC lock up for a mini eternity. I mean who the hell still uses floppy drives?!? Talk about legacy crap.

– The indescribable need of Yankee sitcoms to make musical episodes. I just watched an episode of Scrubs, my favourite comedy show, which was one long musical. Sure; the lyrics were funny, but ffs… Grease and all that other shite is SOO last decade (or is it the one before that?). Ugh.

– This one bit in For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica, Ride the Lightning) which I just can’t get my fingers to play correctly on the guitar. The rest of the song is easy as in play with one hand easy (assuming you don’t need to strum any string… duh)… but this one little progression played by my man James … just can’t get the digits to cooperate. Only practised it 3 or 4 times now so I guess I can’t expect miracles (which we all know don’t happen; right?).

– The fact that people are still dying in friggen stupid-ass wars. ‘Nuff said.

– The fact that I’ve only now seen the bullet list button in the editor of this blog. Tough; carrying on as it is.

– OpenOffice! Hell… I’ve got a love-hate relationship with this software; with the love part constrained to it being free. Too many quirks, or maybe I’m just spoilt with good ‘ol TeX.

– Forbidden but oh so compatible fruit. Hmm… not going to elaborate on this one. Feel free to apply what’s left of your imagination.

– LOLcats.  I HATE FCKING LOLCATS; more than overzealous faitheads (that says a lot). It is the lamest dumbest crap out there.

OK; enough whining for now. Things that actually cause joy in my life at the moment (and now I’m going to use the bullet list… whoopee):

  • My guitar, amplifier and general playing progress. This is one great sanity preserver, trust you me. Nothing like jamming a solid tune on the guitar to take your mind off the important things you should actually be thinking about.
  • Finally being able to implement this one little bit of functionality for this project I’ve been working on almost all of this year. Suffice to say it is one of those features that took seemingly forever to get done but it should make the life of everyone using the system a whole lot easier. It is quite nice to see something like that come to be.
  • The direction my job and company of employment is going. Things are happening and it feels like we are getting more professional in the way we handle business. Now if only we can start pulling in the dough like the overpaid duds out there (celebrities cough cough). I still think a black Lamborgini would look much better in my garage than my little Corsa…
  • Finally getting my butt into gear to start looking for my own little nest to purchase.
  • The urgency / drive that happened to trigger the former point.
  • Summer… and outdoor trance parties. Man; I love a good stomp in the outdoors… preferrably a spot with lotsa trees on / around the dancefloor. Magical ;). Only downside to summer for me is… mozzies. I hate mozzies. One day I’ll have my mofo mozzie-tracking lazer zapping the litte fckers out of the sky as soon as they home in for the bloodbank that is I.
  • Mountain biking… on par with guitar playing in terms of the satisfaction level.
  • Red wine. I lurvs my red wine.
  • Scrubs. Man; this series restored my sense of humour. Yeah; I actually have one. I just hide it very well.

Hmmm that’s enough random stuff for now. Yippeekiyay.