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My next mobile

December 23, 2007

Here I am, stuck in the coastal town of Kleinmond, thanks to familial guilt. Hope that was the right expression. So, there i thought i’d be clever and leave the pc at home. You know, catch up on some reading, actually work on a tan… what ‘normal’ people do on holiday. Turns out i’m not normal. Dope.

See, i’ve been sleeping like mad this week. Prolly post-party exhaustion. So i wake up when it becomes too hot to go walk on the beach. Or i’m just too lazy. Anyhow, soon we get to the mobile. So, i entertain myself by jamming guitar. But, i forgot the adaptor for my headphones and i don’t like playing through the amp when i’m clearly out of form. So there goes that option.

Next we have the book option. Did that. Now i’m ready to start my own company and work at most 4 hours a week while partying with supermodels wherever. Buuut… before all that, i am stuck with my cell phone for entertainment. This in itself is not so bad, right? I mean, i have Opera Mini installed so I can cruise the web in style.
Also, my phone (SE k800i) actually has a media player so I should be sorted…NOT!

Since my thumb is getting sore from typing on the phone keypad, i’ll cut to the chase: It seems like the k800i can’t play Flash content! And i cant get Flash Lite installer because of Sony Ericsson and Adobe bungling! The friggen SE walkman phones can play Flash, but not the K series. So, no Youtube or Boobtube for me :'(.

Enter shortcoming number 2: I was clever enough to load only metal tunes on my phone. So, in order to get my trance fix i decide to browse to Unfarkingfortunately, between my phone’s firmware and the webbrowser they can’t find a way to interpret m3u files and serve me up some tunage :-(.

So, to finally get to the topic of this post: my next mobile will definitely be a smartphone. It will also be able to bring me breakfast in bed…

Ok, my thumb is fcked from typing. Outta here!